New York
Tinie’s new album ‘YOUTH’ was recorded in his studio in Greenwich – a location just 10 minutes away from the home where he grew up rather than in the epicentre of London’s music industry. And describing it as simply as studio is to undersell it: it’s the centre of a cottage industry from which all of his activities in both music and fashion emerge, and a place in which he’s surrounded by the family and friends who are employed by his Disturbing London label.

It’s a site that also affords him the chance to nurture breaking new talent – most notably producer Nana who worked on ‘Girls Like’ and who is signed to Tinie’s publishing company Imhotep.

Tinie commenced 2017 by dropping two tracks from the new album - ‘Text From Your Ex’ and ‘Chasing Flies’ – on the same day. More recently he shared one of ‘YOUTH’s most emotionally engaging moments with ‘Find Me’ where Tinie’s larger-than- life rhymes explore the connection between the challenges of his past and the success that he now embraces. While the live instrumentation backing Jake Bugg’s hook contrasts the track’s beat-heavy verses, thematically they’re united by the defiant proclamation: “It’s not in my heart to give up.” Musically, much of ‘YOUTH’ finds Tinie reconnecting with his underground roots. So while ‘YOUTH’ is infused with the huge crossover bangers that he’s renowned for – see ‘Girls Like’ (nominated for the BRIT Award for British Single), ‘Mamacita’ and the #1 smash ‘Not Letting Go’ – it’s also the most eclectic album of his career. It’s apparent in ‘Something Special’, a two-minute blast of minimalist beats, gloomy synths and an intense atmosphere in which Tinie’s flow hits hard, while one of his personal favourites ‘Holy Moly’ heightens that visceral punch to a whole new level. At the other end of the scale, ‘Cameras’ is a summery haze of laidback rhymes and sweet summer synths.

Tinie is currently on tour in Europe.