Artist: Becky Hill



Over the last five years it feels as if Becky has never been off the radio — and her distinctive voice makes her hard to miss. She’s the voice, and songwriter, behind smashes with Wilkinson, Oliver Heldens, MK, Matoma and Rudimental, but it’s through her own artist career and releases like ‘Warm’, ‘Rude Love’ and ‘Unpredictable’ that she’s established an identity that exists in its own right, and on Becky’s own terms.

Pairing a small team with a big ambition was a setup that directly mirrored Becky’s own sensibilities: she describes her manner as that of a “mixed up girl next door” and it’s an accessible, amiable attitude that’s baked into her own music, from the warmth of its production, to the tone of her lyrics, to the locations where those songs were recorded. Her work with MNEK is usually done out of his spare room at home; the first time she recorded with Shiftk3y it was in his bedroom at his mum’s house. “I hate wanky clinical studios where have to go into another room to do a vocal,” Becky laughs. “I prefer places you can feel natural.”

With feet planted this firmly on the ground floating off is hardly an option, and while taking the long road sometimes comes with its own frustrations, Becky speaks of how a bereavement last year allowedher to recalibrate the way she felt about both herself and her work. “There are times when you think ‘what's the point’,” she admits, “but we're all here for a while, aren’t we? So if we can make it so that someone's still sad when we’re gone, and if they're sad because you've done amazing things, THAT’S the point. You’ve got to give it all you've got. Stay at full capacity at all times. Never go in half-arsed.”

Looking ahead through 2018 and beyond Becky’s been honing her live show, perfecting her songs and, of course, she continues to write. Often for herself, sometimes for other artists — including a-listers whose Becky-composed songs are currently jostling for release. “It's the dream, really,” Becky notes. “I’m writing music; I keep the stuff I love, and the stuff that doesn’t work for me goes to other artists.” And as you may have guessed from hearing her songs, in an era when hooks and snatches of song are lifelessly emailed around the world until something resembling a song starts to take shape, Becky’s writing methods are reassuringly traditional. “95% of my songs have been written from scratch, on the day,” she smiles. “I’ll pick a subject, write the melodies and build an entire piece of music over the course of a day. That style suits me: it's like writing a story from beginning to end.”

Becky’s own story, meanwhile, is still unfolding. But after a prologue this strong you won’t want to miss a moment.